15. Hercules Cars, USA

James McNaughton Co, of Buffalo, NY, made a Hercules car in 1907. It was electric-powered and a 2-seat landaulette was offered as well as a four-passenger model.


The Hercules Motor Car Co of New Albany, Indiana, made cars between 1914 and 1915. Priced at a very reasonable $495, the one model on offer was a 20hp four-seat tourer.

The designer, R.W. Fishback, was involved in various suspect stock-promotion schemes, and the Hercules car venture resulted in lawsuits after only 100 had been produced.



In 1924 John Farson was indicted and charged with rigging the market in stock transactions of this company. Below you can see Certificate number 516, dated 11th April 1919, for 10 class A shares of capital stock in this joint stock oil company. Issued to Henry Weber, with the actual handwritten signatures of John Farson, Vice President, and W B Lowell, Secretary of the company.

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