1929 Hercules Popular 23″ Gent’s Roadster

1929 Hercules Popular 23″ Gent’s Roadster


I bumped into the Hercules marque specialist as I was viewing this delightful old Hercules at a collectors’ bicycle auction. We were both interested in it, but also both interested in a Lady’s Centaur. So we agreed who’d bid for what and I duly ended up with this Herc.


It wasn’t cheap – there were plenty of other enthusiasts at that auction with good taste – but it’s in wonderful original condition …and just what I wanted as the flagship Hercules for this online museum.


One advantage of buying a cycle in the company of the marque specialist is instantly calculating its age. As you can see from the 1930 Hercules catalogue elsewhere on this website, the range was completely redesigned for 1930. The most obvious visual indicator is that from 1930 the crossbar-mounted gear shifter was no longer fitted (except for the Model G All-Black with full chaincase).


We both reckoned this to be a 1929 model.


Not only is the Hercules emblem intact on the headstock, but it also retains its original dealer transfer.


The supplying company was Bells Motorcycles and Cycles, of 70 Lower Bristol Rd, Bath.



herc1 copy

herc2 copy



The original nickel-plated fittings and handlebars are intact.


Period accessories are fitted.


The black enamel has its original box lining.


With all its pleasant aspects to take in, I didn’t even notice the cylometer until I got it home.


Frame number is GR3155.


The rear hub is a three-speed KK Sturmey Archer.




UPDATE 8th October 2009: This old stag has been getting a bit broody in its shed. Plenty of other bicycles to keep him company of course. But he’s fussy, he only likes Hercules Lady’s bikes. So yesterday I found a very pretty 1930 Hercules Lady’s 21″ Bicycle that runs superbly, with full working dynamo set and lovely nickel dropped handlebars, and I’ll be introducing them shortly.

I’ll be listening out for the patter of tiny Herculeses… 🙂

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