1930s Hercules Tandem

193os Hercules Tandem Double Gents

This restored Hercules Double Gents Tandem is a recent acquisition. I bought it during the 2010 Big Freeze (unseen, as it was 200 miles away). The seller delivered it to my friend in the Midlands, who I met up with at Watford, about halfway between us. I took these photos at Brighton Racecourse on the way back home.

It has been reasonably well restored. The handlebars are silver painted. Drum brakes. 3-speed SA. Terry saddles. Everything functions well.

The head badge had deteriorated in the centre prior to its restoration (not uncommon). The restorer painted the centre red. I’ll find something interesting to put into the centre.

As long as it’s cheap enough to buy, detail bits and pieces don’t bother me too much with this kind of bike. It’s not difficult to put right whatever I don’t like.

For example, I really do not like the mudguards; they’re modern plastic ones. But I’ll soon have some good-looking older ones in their place.

Apart from that, the bike is good enough to use.

I’m not sure of its exact age. I’ll research it further in due course.¬† The brochure above is from 1934, and the one below from 1939. Apart from the handlebars and the price, I can’t see any difference.



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