1939 German Hercules v 1948 British Hercules

British Hercules v German Hercules

These two wonderfully heroic bicycles were both restored by my crazy French friend, Patrick.

Once Pat gets his teeth into a restoration, he won’t let go. Which is just as well with the German Hercules, as the paint was a pig to do, reacting several times before he finished it.

British Hercules are sturdy well-made machines: their reputation was built on that. But the German model looks like it was made for going to war. It’s a real heavy-duty machine.

They ride very differently. The gears are responsive on the British Hercules and it’s great for nipping in and out of traffic when cars are at a standstill in rush hour. The German one is better on the open road: once you’ve mastered that coaster brake, it’s ready to stomp some ass.

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